Join the American Wedding Association
Thank you for considering becoming a member of the American Wedding Association.

As a member of the AWA you will receive a new member packet, enjoy numerous benefits, receive our monthly news letter and take advantage of the opportunity to be a part of a national association, lending you credibility. You will have numerous resources and tools at your fingertips to help you build a successful wedding business.

The requirements to join the AWA are simple. You must read and agree to keep our code of ethics, promising to make every effort possible to operate your business with style and integrity. We also request 3 letters of recommendation from other business owners, customers or friends.

Our annual dues are only $35.00 every 6 months and 10% of every membership will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research. It seems appropriate to us that a Wedding Association would donate to a charity that supports women.

Our Core Values

As a member of the American Wedding Association...

- I will keep all licensing credentials current and obey all business laws.

- I will fully and truthfully disclose to customers my experience and background when appropriate and as required.

- As a wedding professional I will maintain a professional and honest posture and will refrain from practices that mislead the public.

- I will provide a written contract and explain to my customers details of our agreement that without which could lead to misunderstandings, which include services/ products offered and price.

- I will develop and maintain a quality of service and conflict resolution policy that gives customers an opportunity to discuss the quality of the product or service that I offer.

- I will promote fun within the industry and a mutual expectation that embraces a “Love thy neighbor as thyself” mentality.